Better Live Music Efficiency Tips

Live reveals always present difficulties to a band, but with the right mindset and planning it is very easy to pull off an excellent live program in an unwinded fashion that will help the audience take pleasure in the show. Here are some much better live musical performance suggestions.


Usually when I play live I have all my things in my gig bag packed in such a method that the things on top are the things I will require initially throughout my setup. To tell the fact this is easy to do - merely take some additional time after each performance to put things away in a neat orderly fashion, in reverse order, then do not use anything out of your gig bag up until your next live show, which will ideally be in a few days. Simply use the minimum, that way your gig bag is always loaded with the things you need for the gig, because if you don't touch your gig bag, then all of the things that you used at your last gig is still right there!


In my case I always cut things very slim because I usually don't like "hanging out" prior to a gig. That being stated I do permit enough time to set things up in my stable deliberate fashion.

This raises the next standard; be sure to enable yourself sufficient time to set your own stuff up and assist another band mate who may be in problem. However, do not appear to a program so early that you have to wait a long period of time after you established until you play. Excessive of that and you can lose your concentration. There are a lot of diversions at any gig - so the less time you allow yourself to be sidetracked the better the efficiency will be.


Always permit adequate time to warm up. Your heat up will depend on whether you are playing a 4 hour club gig or a fifty minute performance set. If it is the previous, then you don't require as much time to warm up and can set up early tunes in the set that have "jam" areas to get your heat up in. Sometimes we'll even play a couple of tunes without vocals just to make sure everything is sounding okay. If it is a one set program that requires to start off as hot as it gets, then you do require to think about getting in the optimum amount of warm up to make sure you are firing on all cylinders right from the start. Typically Thirty minutes to an hour will do, specifically if you have singing responsibilities.